Zelensky: 20 Percent of Ukraine Occupied by Russia

Russia has occupied about 20 percent of Ukraine’s territory. Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky said so in a video message to the parliament in Luxembourg.


“We have to defend ourselves against almost the entire Russian army. All combat-ready Russian military formations are involved in this aggression,” Zelensky said. He added that the front lines stretch for more than 1000 kilometres and also said that in eastern Ukraine up to 100 people die every day and another 450 to 500 people are injured.

Zelensky called for more EU sanctions against Russia and more weapons for Ukraine. He also said Ukraine already sees itself as part of the European Union, which the country would like to join. “I believe that Ukraine is already showing that it meets the European criteria through its actions.” Of Russian President Vladimir Putin, he said, without naming a name, that “an individual must be stopped from destroying European values”.

Friday marks the 100th day of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and there is no end in sight. Peace negotiations between Russia and Ukraine broke down weeks ago. The countries blame each other for this. As far as is known, the Ukrainian and Russian negotiators last met physically on March 29.

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