Woman in Charlie Hebdo T-shirt Attacked with Knife in London

A woman in a Charlie Hebdo T-shirt was attacked with a knife in London’s Hyde Park on Sunday afternoon. The police informed the British newspaper The Guardian on Monday that it is a 39-year-old victim and that she was taken to hospital after the attack.


The woman was attacked in a place in the park where people often gather to give speeches and debate.

Images shared on social media show someone in black clothes approaching the woman. Shortly afterwards, the woman, apparently bloodied, is helped into a police car by officers. The images clearly show that she is wearing a T-shirt with an image of the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

The magazine’s editorial was the victim of an attack by Islamic extremists in Paris in 2015 for publishing a cartoon about the prophet Mohammed. Ten people were killed in that terrorist attack.

Police said in a statement that the woman only suffered a minor cut to her head and was treated in an ambulance on the way to the hospital. Even though her injuries were not life-threatening, police called the stabbing “deeply disturbing”. The used knife was recovered near the site of the attack. No one has been arrested yet.

Police have asked witnesses to the stabbing, some of whom filmed the attack with their phones, to share the footage with the police. She does not want to make any announcements about the circumstances of the incident and does not ask people to speculate about the motive yet. It is not yet clear whether the T-shirt was the reason for the stabbing.

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