Volunteers Erupting New Zealand Get Skin from the US

After the volcano eruption in New Zealand, 8 people are still missing. In addition to 8 deaths, dozens are injured. And to treat their burns, 1.2 million square centimetres of skin have been ordered in the United States.


But how does that work correctly? And where does this skin come from? Reporter Martijn finds out in “Spits”.

Reporter Martijn went to top doctor Thomas Rose, and he works for the skin bank of the burns centre in Neder-Over-Heembeek. “The skin that lies here is ready-to-use.

This can be placed on a burned person. We keep the skin in a liquid. We treat small and large wounds. For large wounds, we take different pots of skin. ”

“We are called upon to collect and transport the skin of a donor. We’re going to take that skin off on the spot. Then come the laboratory technicians, they work the skin.

After cutting and packaging, the fabric goes into quarantine for three weeks. It is glued to the wound via a type of glue. It is not a definitive skin transplant, and it only goes from your own skin to your own skin. It is a kind of temporary layer. “

Can such a donor skin be used for everyone? “Yes! It could be perfectly possible for a black child to get a white donor skin or vice versa. We have around 30,000 square centimetres of skin here. But that is not much: if we have two patients who have burned more than 60 percent, then it will be finished.

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