US President Donald Trump Signs Sanctions Against Nord Stream 2 Pipeline

US President Donald Trump has signed sanctions against companies involved in the construction of the Nord Stream 2 pipeline.


This is a pipeline that must transport Russian gas from Russia to Europe through the Baltic Sea. All companies participating in the project must immediately stop their work from the Americans.

According to the United States, the pipeline would make Europe too dependent on Russia for energy supply. Russia and the European Union react indignantly.

Last week the US Congress approved the sanctions, and now they have been signed by President Trump.

Correctly, they mean that companies that cooperate to construct the pipeline in the Baltic Sea must cease their activities. The first sanctions can follow within two months for companies that do not.

The Dutch-Swiss company Allseas had already laid down work as a precaution yesterday before the sanctions came into effect. The company has an essential task because it specialises in the construction of submarine pipelines.

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