US President Donald Trump Has Reacted Furiously to A Poll From Fox News

US President Donald Trump has reacted furiously to a poll from Fox News. His Democratic rival Joe Biden is at the forefront of this.


The president speaks on Twitter about a “fake poll” conducted by “the same group of haters who went even further in 2016”.

He won the presidential election that year. “Just wait and see what’s going to happen in November. Fox is useless,” said Trump.

The news channel reported that Biden had built his lead over Trump. The Democrat would receive support from 50 percent of respondents, while only 38 percent say they will vote for the president.

Many Biden supporters (63 percent) say that the fear of Trump winning again is the primary reason for voting for the Democrat. For only 31 percent, enthusiasm about the candidate is the main reason.

It is not the first time that Trump has lashed out at Fox, although critics describe the channel as pro-Republican.

“Many people will disagree with me, but Fox News is doing nothing to get Republicans, and myself, re-elected on November 3,” he complained earlier this year.

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