US Intelligence Services: Iran Also Offered Bounties to the Taliban

Iran has offered rewards to the fundamentalist Taliban for attacking US troops in Afghanistan, US intelligence agencies say according to news channel CNN.


Earlier, the Washington Post reported that Russia would also have paid the Taliban for killing US military personnel in Afghanistan.

US intelligence agencies believe they have linked transactions to at least six attacks that took place last year, including a suicide attack on the US airbase in Bagram in December. CNN refers to Department of Defense documents it has viewed. Although Iran is not mentioned by name, two initiated sources have confirmed that it is Iran.

After the Bagram attack, the Americans killed senior Iranian general Qassem Soleimani with the intent of weakening Iranian-backed armed groups in the Middle East.

Multiple sources tell CNN that open US condemnation and retaliation against Iran and the Taliban have not been forthcoming because the US was keen on successful peace negotiations with the Taliban. They signed a contract with the US in February.

President Donald Trump was thus able to keep his promise to withdraw troops from Afghanistan.

The revelation of the Iranian bounties comes after US newspapers reported that Russia paid the Taliban money to kill US military personnel in Afghanistan.

At the time, that was dismissed by Trump as “fake news”. Trump stated on Twitter that the messages were only intended to damage him and the Republican party. Russia denies that it has offered rewards to the Taliban.

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