US Government Wants Many More Vaccines from Johnson & Johnson

The US government plans to double the order for the Covid-19 vaccines, one vaccination sufficient. President Biden now wants 200 million doses of it.


These are vaccines from pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson, which has already received a deposit from Washington of one billion dollars for 100 million doses.

However, Johnson & Johnson cannot keep up with demand and is now receiving help from competitor Merck in production parts. This is to prevent production from lagging far behind orders.

The company is looking for more partners to increase its own production. It has announced that it will deliver 20 million doses to the US government this month instead of the 37 million it promised. To date, there have been 93 million vaccinations in the US.

In a country of more than 330 million inhabitants, 372 million corona tests have already been carried out. About 30 million infections have been diagnosed. There were no signs of disease in more than 20 million cases, or the patients were quickly cured.

Of the sick patients, 12,700 are in critical condition. The country blames 540,000 deaths on the virus.

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