US Defense to Tender Billions JEDI Project Again

The US Department of Defense has put an end to the $10 billion JEDI cloud computing project. Instead, the Pentagon has decided to re-tender the contract.

The lucrative contract was awarded to Microsoft by the previous government. This is much to the dismay of competitor Amazon, which contested the decision.

According to Amazon, political games formed the basis of the Trump administration’s decision to partner with Microsoft. It is known that former US President Donald Trump is not a fan of then Amazon boss Jeff Bezos.

Trump had previously openly mocked Amazon’s bid for the contract and postponed the award. Trump also regularly criticized Amazon.

Amazon’s bid for the JEDI contract, which involves subjecting the Pentagon to a digital modernization process, was considered particularly promising for those in the know. Especially since Amazon Web Services also already supplies classified servers to the CIA.

According to the ministry, only Microsoft and Amazon are able to meet the Pentagon’s requirements. Therefore, only those companies can compete for the contract.

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