US Chief of Staff Restricted Trump’s Access to Nuclear Weapons

The US chief of staff is said to have secretly spoken to commanders out of concern about irrational actions by then President Donald Trump. He was instructing them not to carry out a nuclear attack without consulting him.


According to media reports, US Chief of Staff Mark Milley took secret measures against then US President Donald Trump in January for fear of a war with China. As reported by the Washington Post and CNN on Tuesday, citing an unpublished book, Milley contacted his Chinese colleague and instructed the relevant commanders not to carry out a nuclear attack order without consulting him.

The renowned investigative journalist Bob Woodward and his co-author Robert Costa write, according to reports in their book “Peril” (Danger), that Milley called Chinese General Li Zuocheng twice. In the first conversation on October 30th, a few days before the US presidential election, he said to Li: “General Li, I want to assure you that the US government is stable and everything will be fine. (…) We will not attack you or undertake any military operations against you. “

Two months later, after Trump supporters stormed the U.S. Capitol in early January, Milley reportedly called Li again. “We are one hundred percent stable. Everything is fine,” he is said to have told his Chinese colleague. To convince Beijing, Milley even arranged for a US military exercise to be postponed.

In addition, according to the book, the chief of staff ordered his commanders responsible first for informing him if Trump wanted to use his authority to order a nuclear strike. Milley is said to have coordinated with the heads of the secret services CIA and NSA out of concern about possible irrational actions by Trump.

According to the reports, the authors of the book also had a transcript of a phone call between Milley and the US House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi. “You know he’s crazy,” the US Democratic MP Milley is said to have said two days after the storming of the Capitol. “If you couldn’t even stop him from attacking the Capitol, who knows what else he could do?”

According to the transcript, Milley replied that he “agreed on all points”. The Pentagon declined to comment. The book is due to go on sale on September 21st.

Trump released a statement on Tuesday criticizing Milley and blaming Milley for the chaotic US withdrawal from Afghanistan. “I assume that he will be charged with high treason because he negotiated with his Chinese colleague behind the president’s back,” demanded the ex-president.

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