UNHCR: More Than 100,000 Ukrainian Refugees in One Day

More than 100,000 people have fled Ukraine in the past 24 hours. In total, 3,169,897 Ukrainians have left their homeland since the Russian invasion on Feb. 24, the UNHCR said on Thursday.


According to the United Nations Refugee Agency, another 2 million people are fleeing the war in Ukraine. The UNHCR considers that a large number of them will also try to leave the country. According to a conservative estimate, the number of Ukrainian refugees could reach more than 4 million.

Most people try to cross the border into Poland. Nearly 2 million refugees have arrived there. Romania has already received almost half a million people, and Moldova has about 350,000. In addition, 168,858 people, mainly from eastern Ukraine, have also fled to Russia.

The International Organization for Migration reports that 162,000 citizens of other countries have left Ukraine since the war broke out.

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