UN Observers Not Allowed to the Polish-Belarusian Border

United Nations observers are not allowed to enter the border between Poland and Belarus. Both countries did not allow the observers to look at the situation of migrants in the area themselves.


A statement from the UN human rights organization states that the observers were received by politicians and administrators and that 31 people were interviewed who had crossed the border. It emerged from those conversations that the migrants are in poor conditions on both sides of the border. Often without food, drink or sanitary facilities.

Belarus started this year collecting migrants from Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, among others, to send them across the border with EU countries. The country is doing this in retaliation for sanctions introduced after the crackdown on protests.

Many migrants said they had been mistreated and threatened by the security services in Belarus. Those services were then taken to the border area and indicated where they could cross the border. The Belarusians prevented people from leaving that area to return to Minsk, the migrants said.

The UN team has also heard several stories of people being sent directly back to Belarus from Poland. Those who are not returned will be detained. The UN calls on both countries to stop this and to allow humanitarian organizations and journalists to enter the border area.

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