UN: Natural Disasters Have Doubled Since 2000 Due to Climate Change

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Drought, wildfires, extreme temperatures and floods have caused severe human suffering and economic damage over the past 20 years, the United Nations said Monday.


Extreme weather events have doubled over the past two decades due to climate change.

“More people are affected by the growing climate crisis,” said UN Secretary General’s Special Representative for Disaster Risk Management, Mami Mizutori, during a briefing.

The representative called on governments to invest more in systems that can provide early warning of a natural disaster.

Globally, approximately 7,350 major disaster events have been recorded in the past 20 years, according to the UN report.

These events killed 1.23 million people. That also led to nearly 3 billion dollars, about 2.5 billion euros, in financial damage. Of the ten worst-hit countries, eight are in Asia.

There is a change in the types of disasters. Floods have doubled in the last twenty years and are responsible for four out of five disasters.

Of these, the 2004 tsunami in Southeast Asia was the deadliest disaster. Heat waves will be the biggest challenge in the coming years, according to the report, especially in developing countries.

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