Two Cardinals in Vatican City Test Positive for Corona

Two cardinals in Vatican City have tested positive for the coronavirus. An insider has informed the Reuters news agency. The Vatican has not confirmed the infections.


It is not yet clear whether the two were present at the Pope’s annual Christmas address on Monday.

It concerns the 57-year-old Polish Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, who manages Pope Francis’s charities and is the so-called ‘chaplain’ of the Vatican. He has been hospitalized for pneumonia.

Krajewski spends much of his time with homeless people in Rome. At the Pope’s request, he has set up a clinic near St. Peter’s Square where homeless people can wash.

The Italian cardinal Giuseppe Bertello of 78 years, the Vatican City governor, has also tested positive. He would be in-home isolation.

In September, Filipino Cardinal Luis Antonio Tagle tested positive for the virus. He went into isolation, and by now, he would be better. During the first wave, more than ten members of the Swiss Guard, the Vatican City security unit, were infected, as was a person living in the same building as the Pope.

The head of the Vatican’s health department said earlier this month that vaccination of residents and employees in Vatican City would begin in the new year.

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