Two Afghan Journalists Released by Taliban: Innocent

Two journalists from Afghan local television channel Ariana TV were released on Wednesday, two days after the Taliban detained them in Kabul. A representative of the station has reported this.


The reporters were released “after they were found innocent,” it said. The person responsible did not want to release any further details “for security reasons”.

According to the Association of Afghan Media – a new organization promoting press freedom – Waris Hasrat and Aslam Hijab disappeared after being taken by the Taliban to “an unknown place”. That is said to have happened when the two left their office building in Kabul for lunch.

Human rights group Amnesty International condemned the arrest, after which the Taliban promised to investigate the matter.

Since taking power in August 2021, the Taliban have been trying to nip dissident voices in the bud. For example, opponents of the Taliban regime run the risk of arrest and demonstrations are brutally crushed.

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