Trump Supporters Pledge High Rewards for Evidence of Electoral Fraud

Anyone who thinks they have evidence of electoral fraud in the United States can turn to several places for substantial rewards.


They have been praised by supporters of President Donald Trump, who has repeatedly claimed that the election is being stolen from him.

Although Trump maintains that there was serious wrongdoing in the elections, as far as is known, no evidence of this has been provided. His supporters are now pulling the wallet to encourage potential whistleblowers to sign up. A top Republican executive from the state of Texas even makes a million dollars available.

Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick said in a statement that people with useful information should turn it over to the local police. “Anyone who provides information leading to an arrest and conviction for electoral fraud will receive a minimum of $ 25,000,” the Republican promises.

A prominent Trump fundraiser, Bill White, says in The Washington Examiner newspaper that he also raised a million dollars. This can be used to pay informants who provide information about abuses.

He and his associates set up a group called Concerned People for Election Integrity: Concerned People for the Integrity of Elections. People can turn to that with evidence.

The controversial organization Project Veritas, which wants to demonstrate corruption in media and institutions through undercover operations, has put $ 25,000 on the table for tips about irregularities in Pennsylvania.

According to American media, that state went to the Democrat Joe Biden, who therefore had enough electors behind him to win the election.

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