Trump Defends Supporters Who Called for Pence’s Hanging

Former US President Donald Trump has defended his supporters who chanted during the storming of the Capitol on January 6 that then Vice President Mike Pence should be hanged. He did so during an interview with ABC, of which the news site Axios shared an audio clip.


The interview was conducted in March after Joe Biden had already succeeded Trump. Trump spoke about electoral fraud in the run-up to the presidential election and afterwards. His supporters supported him in this and raided the House of Representatives in Washington after he called on them as president at the time not to accept the election results.

During the storm, several people shouted that Pence should be hanged. In response, Trump told ABC that people were “very angry” and reiterated his baseless fraud claims. “It’s common sense that you’re supposed to protect,” Trump said. “If you know a vote is fraudulent, how can you pass a fraudulent vote to Congress? How can you do that?”

The vice president led the meeting in parliament on January 6, when the election results had to be officially ratified. Pence and other politicians were evacuated because of the storming of the building. However, Trump was not concerned about Pence’s safety. “I thought he was well protected, and I heard he was in good shape.”

Thousands of Trump supporters were involved in the storm. Four people were killed. Three more officers later died. Nearly 700 people have been charged in the aftermath. Congress is investigating the events.

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