TikTok is Setting Up A Transparency and Accountability Center

In a blog post, Kevin Mayer, the CEO of TikTok, announced that the company is setting up a Transparency and Accountability Center.


This means, among other things, that they disclose the code that drives their algorithms for external experts to view. With this, TikTok claims to be “one step ahead of regulation,” and they encourage their competitors to do the same.

By making the code public, experts can see how the algorithms offer individual videos to specific users and how the videos are distributed across the platform. That way, people from outside can moderate TikTok in real-time.

But Mayer is also aware of the US government’s concerns about Chinese tech. He says about this: “The whole sector is under a magnifying glass, and that is no more than right. But we are assessed even more rigorously because we are initially a Chinese company.

We accept this, and we are happy to take the opportunity to give people peace of mind. by being transparent and taking our responsibility. “

Disclosing source code is a strategy that other tech companies have also attempted to attack. For example, the Chinese Huawei set up a Cyber Security Transparency Center in Brussels last year.

Kaspersky, originally a Russian security provider, did something similar to a data centre in Switzerland.

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