The United Kingdom Continue to Hope for A Brexit Deal But Many Gaps Remain

The United Kingdom continues to hope that a trade agreement will be concluded with the European Union.


But at the same time, it is warned that there are still many tricky issues that have not yet been resolved. That says a spokesman for Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

“We continue to hope for an agreement,” said Downing Street 10. “But no deal is certainly one of the possible outcomes, although we remain committed to an agreement.” On Sunday, Johnson called the breakdown of negotiations the most likely outcome.

There are still significant differences, especially in the field of fishing and fair competition. For the first time, the British negotiators want to “think along” about room for the EU to take countermeasures if, for example, London relaxes the rules for British companies, says an EU source.

Until now, that was taboo. But when such countermeasures were permissible, and what they might look like, is still a matter of debate.

EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier and his British counterpart David Frost were ordered to continue talking on Sunday. No deadline has been stated, but time is short. The transition period in which they still follow EU rules will end on December 31.

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