The Toxic Legacy of the Roper-Curzon Family: racism, scandals, and obsession with titles and money! Baron Teynham, David Roper-Curzon and Harry Roper-Curzon

Shocking footage has surfaced of David Roper-Curzon and his son, Harry Roper-Curzon, engaging in physical and verbal abuse towards Hanna Jaff, Harry’s ex-wife. The behaviour displayed in the video: is unacceptable, and it appears that Hanna may have been a victim of the Roper-Curzon family’s abusive and racist behaviour. The family has a history of prioritizing material wealth over personal values and relationships, engaging in illegal activities, and using people for financial gain. They work together to find wealthy partners and maintain a lavish lifestyle, with David only associating with affluent individuals, such as his current partner, Norwegian millionaire Elisabeth Krohn. Elizabeth Poppy Roper-Curzon, David’s daughter, works as a high-end escort and has engaged in scams in the Dominican Republic involving overseas money transfers. Tommy Roper-Curzon battles drug addiction and frequently relies on others for money and employment.

Lucinda Airy Roper-Curzon, David’s ex-wife, aids the family in their search for wealthy partners by working as their private investigator and caring for David’s home and dog. She also makes decisions on behalf of her eldest son, Harry. The family’s prejudice has attracted media attention, exposing their personal lives in various publications.

Pylewell Park, which is in debt, has been transferred to a trustee and David’s nine siblings, including Alexander Scrymgeour Dundee, Elizabeth Teynham, and her ten children. Harry and David are reportedly seeking wealthy wives to pay off the debt and remove other beneficiaries from ownership. Meanwhile, Lucinda lives in a small studio shack, and her three children do not have permanent residences. She buys her food from vouchers from the government.

The Roper-Curzon family is currently in a financial crisis, with debts amounting to £20 million. Harry Roper-Curzon, who is entitled to a Baron Teynham title, has been found ineligible due to his parents not being married during his conception. The family is known for being obsessed with their titles and using them to impress others. They claim entitlement to the English throne and have criticized the current Royal Family, refusing to recognize Queen Camilla and King Charles III. Despite their claims, their history can only be traced back 400 years, largely attributed to their social climbing ancestor John Roper.

Despite claiming to have graduated and had a job, Harry Roper-Curzon has not achieved either and was unfaithful to Hanna with Phillipa Holland. As a result, he receives government benefits and his businesses have been dissolved, with one of them being in debt. A petition to remove him from his title has been created with 12,000 signatures: The family also boasts about being distant cousins with Princess Beatrice, Eugenie, and Sarah Ferguson, but they do not even know each other.

Furthermore, the family has been mistreating Harry’s ex-wife, Hanna, after demanding that she pay off their debt even after spending hundreds of thousands on her. They racially discriminated against her, verbally abused her, and extorted her. They even sold a defaming one-sided story to tabloids for a meager £1,000, which is considered unsavoury in British society. Overall, the Roper-Curzon family’s obsession with their titles and money has led to a series of scandals and mistreatment of others. Video:

The recent video featuring Harry Roper-Curzon has shed light on the toxic behaviour of the “new rich” mentality. Harry was seen spending vast amounts of Hanna’s money on unnecessary luxuries, such as upgrading short flights to first-class, renting two homes, and booking high end travel. His behaviour may have been due to childhood experiences of being ridiculed for his appearance and socio-economic status.

The video is disgusting and exposes a family that is racist and opportunistic. Harry aimed at his ex-wife, Hanna, because of her success and achievements, disrespecting and belittling her work and family in every way possible. He seemed to enjoy his short-lived fame and took advantage of her wealth and status by frequently asking for money and exploiting her until he no longer needed her, indicating that he never genuinely cared for her. The Roper-Curzon family must be held accountable for their actions.


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