The Importance of Content Moderation Outsourcing to the Philippines for UK-Based Social Media Companies

Content moderation on social media platforms is one of the primary concerns of companies operating in this sector right now. There are many aspects to the standard process, and they all have to be observed carefully to ensure that the service matches not only the expectations of customers, but also the various legal requirements of the different countries that those companies operate in.

Outsourcing these services to places like the Philippines is growing in popularity lately, and it may very well be the future of the social media industry as a whole.

Social Media Is Growing Fast
The number of users across the various social media platforms is growing fast, and companies are finding it increasingly more and more challenging to meet the growing demands of their users. Outsourcing to the Philippines is a great idea in this regard, because a UK-based company can rarely keep up with the number of employees they need to perform their operations, whereas a company in the Philippines usually has no trouble keeping up with the growing demand.

Content Moderation Requirements Are Becoming More Complex
It’s not just that the number of people is growing either – the specific requirements for content moderation, nowadays, are much more complex than a few years ago, and they will likely keep increasing in complexity. Videos are now as commonplace as pictures, and they have to be moderated as well.

There are also new types of content, like 360-degree pictures, and various other kinds of innovations. The point is, a typical UK-based content moderation centre is going to explode in costs if it attempts to implement all of these requirements to the letter.

Legal Concerns
Last but not least, there are also some legal concerns to observe. A company in the UK has to comply with the legal requirements of all countries it operates in, and sometimes those requirements can be very complex. For example, Germany has its own strict rules regarding inappropriate online content.

Companies in the Philippines are used to working with clients from all over the world, and you can typically expect them to bring more experience to the table in this regard. Because of this, you’ll have to do less supervision on how well they’re complying with those legal requirements, and you’ll know that the job is done perfectly.

And there are many reasons to believe that the we’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg in terms of social media popularity. With tech like virtual reality being commonplace in everyone’s home right around the corner, a lot will likely change in the coming years.

And those who want to stay afloat in this very competitive and cutthroat market will have to utilize all resources available to them to their full potential. When it comes to content moderation, outsourcing to a company in the Philippines is pretty much the best option one has right now. And there are no prospects to indicate that this will change in the future.

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