The German Police Have Arrested the So-Called Rambo of the Black Forest

The German police have arrested the so-called Rambo of the Black Forest. The man disarmed four officers last weekend, then hid in the woods. That led to a manhunt.


The 31-year-old man managed to stay out of the hands of the police for days in the inhospitable terrain.

He later comes with more information about the arrest of the suspect, who is called Yves Rausch, according to German media.

Police approached the man last Sunday at a cabin he allegedly used illegally. He is said to have cooperated initially, but then pulled a firearm and was able to take the officers’ weapons from them. Then he fled.

Hundreds of police officers’ search for the gunman in a forest led to comparisons with the movie Rambo: First Blood.

Rausch is no stranger to the police. He is said to have been evicted from his home in Oppenau a year ago.

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