The German Labour Market is Getting Tighter

The German labour market continues to improve as companies are more actively looking for staff again. Therefore, a majority of companies expect to grow, according to research by the German institute Ifo.


In particular, companies in electrical engineering and the design and maintenance of mechanical systems are looking for a job. In production, companies thought they needed slightly fewer people.

The German economy, the largest in Europe, quickly recovered from the corona crisis. In addition, companies received government support to retain their staff, comparable to that in the Netherlands. As a result, the companies were able to crawl out of the trough more quickly.

The previous dip in the so-called Ifo employment barometer has largely been made up for in the services sector. However, there is now hesitation in that sector, especially from the catering industry. In addition, the number of corona infections is rising again due to the Delta variant of the coronavirus.

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