The German Government Wants to Close Most Stores

The German government wants most stores in the country to close to better fight the coronavirus. Only supermarkets and other items needed for direct care may remain open.


This concerns, for example, pharmacies, banks and petrol stations. The supermarkets and other necessary shops can even open on Sundays, which was not yet allowed in Germany.

This is reported by German media, which appeal to government circles. For example, there are strict rules for hardware stores and pet shops, with limited admission of customers to avoid queues.

The government decided to take a series of other measures with the sixteen federal states. Restaurants and other eateries are only open between 6 am and 6 pm.

Closes include bars, clubs, discotheques, theatres, museums, fairs, animal and amusement parks, brothels and betting offices. All sports locations are also closed, as are fitness clubs.

Earlier, for example, some federal states themselves had closed cafés themselves.

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