The EU is On Track for Leaving British

The EU is On Track for Leaving British. The Constitutional Affairs Committee of the European Parliament is in favour of the Brexit agreement.


On Thursday, the committee approved by a vast majority (23 in favour, three against) a recommendation to the entire parliament to give the green light the withdrawal treaty on Wednesday.

A simple majority is needed for this.

Approval of the Brexit agreement by the EU parliament is required to put an end to EU membership of the British. They leave on January 31, after 47 years and a month.

During the vote in committee, the room was freezing silently. Several MEPs said it was an emotional, sad moment.

This week the Brexit legislation in London was finally finalised. On Friday, the EU, the European Commission and the British government signed the withdrawal treaty.

After approval from the EU parliament next week, the then 27 Member States will finally conclude the lengthy political and legal divorce procedure with a final written vote. This is seen as a formality in Brussels.

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