Tesla Must Disable the Fart Noise Function Outside of the Car: Half A Million Cars Recalled

Tesla recalls 500,000 cars in the US with the Boombox feature, making it possible to make fart sounds at the back of the car while driving. So naturally, CEO Elon Musk is angry.


It was one of the most remarkable gimmicks that Tesla has come up with in recent years: the Boombox. This feature was launched in 2020 that allows the driver to make sounds outside his car. The possibilities are endless: from a bleating goat to music or fart sounds.

But that is not safe, the main American traffic authority has decided. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration believes the device significantly increases the risk of a crash because it reduces the audibility of the pedestrian warning sound, which is mandatory on electric and hybrid vehicles.

587,607 Tesla vehicles are being recalled in the US and will then be updated so that the Boombox feature will no longer work. That is not to the liking of CEO Elon Musk. “The fun police are at it again,” he wrote on Twitter.

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