Tayyip Erdogan Failed to Make the Most of A Summit Meeting With the European Council

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan failed to make the most of a summit meeting with European Council President Charles Michel and EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen.


Erdogan turned out not to have provided a chair for von der Leyen in the meeting room in Ankara, which meant that she initially had to stand uncomfortably. The incident provokes a great deal of outrage.

Michel, who sat down in the only chair next to Erdogan, made no move to hand over his place to von der Leyen. Eventually, von der Leyen was able to sit on a seat a little further away, while the press took pictures of Erdogan and Michel. At the same time, a clearly exasperated von der Leyen watched.

Especially Erdogan himself is under fire, but also for Michel, who just let Von der Leyen stand, twitterers are not tender.

Among others, Assita Kanko, a Member of the European Parliament for N-VA, expressed her outrage on Twitter. “As a woman, mother of a girl, politician and European, I am very shocked to see these images,” she writes. “This really breaks my heart and goes against everything I stand for.”

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