Taliban Want to Avert Crisis and Make Food Imports Cheaper

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The Taliban have taken steps to avert an impending food crisis during the winter. The new rulers in Afghanistan are making it much cheaper to get food from abroad. They also unveiled a “food-for-labour program” in the capital, Kabul.


The Muslim extremists took power in August and now have to deal with the significant economic problems in their country. As a result, the World Food Program warned this week that more than half of the population could go hungry in the coming months.

According to World Food Program chief David Beasley, that means millions of Afghans will have to decide this winter whether to starve or go abroad.

Afghanistan is largely dependent on imports and foreign aid for its food supply. However, the Ministry of Finance of the new regime has now announced that import duties on food will be significantly reduced.

The tariff for importing a ton of flour goes from more than 3000 afghanis to 1000 afghani, which is almost 10 euros converted. Also, when importing cooking oil and sugar, considerably less has to be paid to the Afghan treasury.

The Taliban also announced another program this week to alleviate the problems. The intention is that 40,000 people will be offered work for which they will be paid in food.

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