Successful Corona Strategy is Now Turning Against New Zealand and Australia

While the whole world was hit by corona, Australia and New Zealand managed to keep the pandemic primarily out of the door with strict measures. But while the end of the corona crisis is insight in many countries, these countries are far from being able to close.


Both countries were praised for their effective strategy to prevent a corona outbreak. New Zealand already managed to suppress the coronavirus in the initial phase, Australia immediately put an entire city of two million people in lockdown after one infection.

But the disadvantages of that strategy are now also becoming visible. Due to the strict corona policy, hardly anyone is resistant to the coronavirus, and vaccination in both countries is not progressing. The countries must therefore remain extremely cautious to prevent a corona outbreak from occurring.

The Australian city of Sydney was put on lockdown today following an outbreak of the delta variant of the coronavirus. An infected tourist from Sydney visited the New Zealand city of Wellington last weekend, where the corona measures have also been tightened as a precaution.

In Australia, only 23 percent of the population has had a corona vaccine; in New Zealand, that is only 13 percent. By way of comparison: in the Netherlands, 52 percent of the inhabitants have had at least one shot.

That is large because the urgency is lower in these countries, New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said earlier. “You can’t compare. Our people don’t die,” the prime minister said in defence of vaccination policy. A total of 26 people have expired from corona in New Zealand.

In no other Western country has the corona approach been so successful. With the omission of a few local outbreaks, the virus remained outside the door, and hardly any measures had to be taken. Full sports stadiums and huge parties have been possible in New Zealand for months.

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