Spanish Prime Minister Does Not Know Where Former King Juan Carlos is Now

Spanish Prime Minister Sanchez supports the decision of former King Juan Carlos to leave the country following corruption charges.


The head of government says he does not know where the former monarch, who retained the royal title after his retirement in 2014, is now.

Juan Carlos’s decision to leave is appropriate, Sanchez said in a televised press conference. It allows his son, King Felipe, and the Royal Family to distance themselves from allegations of misconduct against the former monarch.

Juan Carlos informed Felipe of his intention to leave the country in a letter published Monday on the website of the Royal Family.

An investigation by the Supreme Court is running against him, but the Swiss justice system also wants to know more about all kinds of dark money flows. He would have left Spain immediately.

“Institutions are not judged, people are judged,” the Prime Minister argued. “In a time like today, with a pandemic that has not faced humanity for the past hundred years, Spain needs stability and robust institutions.”

Sanchez leads a coalition government with the far-left Podemos party, whose leaders have said Juan Carlos’s departure is an attempt to flee justice in Spain. It would, therefore, undermine the monarchy. Juan Carlos was head of state for nearly forty years.

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