Sources: Italy is Investigating Meta for Tax Evasion

Italy is investigating Meta for possible tax evasion in that country. Prosecutors in Milan suspect that Meta, besides Facebook, is also the company behind WhatsApp and Instagram, has not paid about 870 million euros in VAT levies between 2015 and 2021.

This is reported by the Italian news agency Ansa based on anonymous sources. The investigation was allegedly initiated at the request of European prosecutors. The Public Prosecution Service in Milan is in charge.

Meta denies doing anything wrong. We take our tax liability seriously and pay all our taxes in all countries. But Meta also says it “strongly disagrees that VAT should be due for digital services.” However, the company is willing to cooperate with the investigation fully.

The Meta case is the umpteenth of Italian justice against large companies. In 2019, the Italians went after Netflix when that company failed to file a tax return. In the same year, luxury group Kering settled a case about unpaid taxes from fashion brand Gucci for 1.25 billion euros.

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