Sony Expects to Make 4 Million Playstation 5 Consoles Less This Year

Sony expects to make 4 million PlayStation 5 consoles less this year than initially planned. Sources say that to the generally well-established Bloomberg news agency.


The Japanese tech giant is unable to produce enough chips.

Instead of 15 million consoles, Sony expects to be able to produce 11 million PlayStation 5 models in its current fiscal year, which ends in late March 2021.

Bloomberg reports this based on information from people who are familiar with the planning. Sony would have placed a large number of orders with hardware suppliers in July, but have now run into production problems.

So the problem has to do with the production of chips. Not every chip from the factory is useful enough actually to be used.

According to Bloomberg, only half of the chips are satisfactory, although this percentage is said to have gradually improved recently. However, Sony still failed to produce enough usable chips.

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