Slightly More Corona Deaths in Italy, But Fewer Infections

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The number of people in Italy who died of Covid-19 disease increased by 195 on Wednesday from 172 the day before.


According to the authorities, the number of new infections with 888 is lower than Tuesday, when it was 1402.

The total death toll since the outbreak began on February 21 is now at 31,106.

It is the third-highest in the world, after that of the United States and Great Britain.

The number of confirmed cases is 222,104. More people are registered with infection only in the United States, Spain, Great Britain and Russia.

The number of people currently sick fell from 81,266 to 78,457. There are still 893 patients in intensive care, against 952 on Tuesday.

In total, nearly 1.8 million people in Italy have been tested for coronavirus. Italy has about 60 million inhabitants.

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