Scottish Government Does Not Want Scots to Party in England

The Scottish government wants the Scots to stay home at the turn of the year and not celebrate across England’s border. As a result, Scotland has much stricter corona restrictions.


Scottish Deputy Prime Minister John Swinney, who is responsible for corona policy, has called on the Scots via the BBC not to celebrate New Year’s Eve in England. However, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has decided not to impose new corona restrictions on England and said that the English should be cautious when celebrating the New Year.

The corona variant currently causing unrest, omicron, appears to be a highly contagious but less dangerous variant of the original condition. The first research results show that people need to be hospitalized less often after an omicron infection. So the English can have their parties as far as Johnson is concerned. But across the border in Scotland and Wales, strict restrictions apply, this time because of the contagiousness of omikron.

Swinney said people should decide for themselves where to celebrate the turn of the year, but he said it would be “wrong to move to England. People must play their part in dealing with this dangerous situation,” the Scottish minister warned.

Just like the temporary migration of Dutch day-trippers to Flanders, a stream of people from Wales and Scotland seems to be getting underway for New Year’s Eve in England. English catering companies, especially pubs along the borders with Scotland and Wales, are preparing for at least 100,000 extra customers on New Year’s Eve, British media reported on Wednesday.

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