Scotland is Investigating Whether Omicron Variant was Already Present

Scotland will investigate whether the Omicron variant of the coronavirus was already present in the country in mid-November. It is looking for abnormal virus particles that were found around November 16.


Scotland reported the first six infections with the Omicron variant on Monday. According to Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon, the variant does not appear to be widespread in Scotland yet. It is not yet known where the infections come from. Sturgeon says it happened “unlikely, but possible” at the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow.

Sturgeon and her Welsh colleague Mark Drakeford have quickly called on British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to take new measures against the Omicron variant. Drakeford and Sturgeon want talks to be held soon about possible further travel restrictions, Sky News reports.

The Scottish Prime Minister wants a longer quarantine period when returning from abroad. There should also be two tests for the coronavirus for returnees.

In England, infections with the Omicron variant were found on Monday that cannot be traced back to a trip to southern Africa, where the variant was first discovered. Several infections are said to have been contracted at a primary school in Essex.

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