Ryanair will Almost Stop Flying Next Week Because of the Coronavirus Crisis

Ryanair will keep almost all its planes on the ground next week due to the corona crisis. The Irish prizefighter will be scrapping more than 80 percent of its flights in the coming days and thinks that there will be virtually no flights after Tuesday, March 24.


Then the airline will only operate a minimal number of flights to maintain essential connections, mainly between the UK and Ireland.

Ryanair points to the travel restrictions and prohibitions imposed by many governments as the reason for the drastic measures. As a result, many trips have already been cancelled in recent days. There is currently virtually no demand for airline tickets.

Ryanair had previously announced that it would probably have to keep a large part of its aircraft on the ground in the long term. But it was not foreseen earlier this week that there would be practically no more flights.

Ryanair emphasizes staying in close contact with the authorities of countries. For example, about bringing passengers home. Where necessary, the company will still carry out “rescue flights”.

Ryanair has a fleet of over 450 Boeing 737 aircraft and approximately 25 Airbus SE A320 aircraft.

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