Ryanair and IAG Complain About Struck French Air Traffic Control

Ryanair and IAG Complain about struck French Air Traffic Control. International Airlines Group, the parent company of, among other things, British Airways and Vueling, has filed a complaint against the French air traffic control strike with price fighters RyanAir, Easyjet and Wizz Air.


The airlines do not say to question the right of withdrawal. They believe that France violates the fundamental EU right of free action by not facilitating flights over France.

French air traffic controllers (ATC) have been on a regular basis for many years, and more and more often. Also, require better working conditions and a better salary.

According to a report by the French Senator Vincent Capo-Canellas, released earlier this year, the strikes are the cause of 33 percent of all delays caused by air traffic control.

According to the same report, 15 percent of all European flight delays are caused by air traffic control.

Not only flights to and from France suffer from the strikes, but also flights that fly over France.

“All airlines suffer from this, but it has a particularly negative effect on the tourism and economy of Spain,” says Willie Walsh, the CEO of IAG.

Insufficient workforce
“When air traffic control ceases in Greece or Italy, passing flights can continue as normal,

 why does not France do the same?” says Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary.

Also, the Ryanair CEO is also calling for air traffic controllers from other countries.

“European air traffic controllers reach the point of collapse because hundreds of flights are cancelled or suspended every day, because either the French air traffic control ceases, or European air traffic control has the insufficient manpower.”

Hot summer for Ryanair
It is a noisy summer for Ryanair, which has been disturbed by striking staff for months.

Pilots and cabin workers demand better working conditions and also stopped again this week.

Moreover, European trade unions seem to be gaining a foothold in Ryanair, which until last year never spoke to employee organisations.

The company is increasingly being bothered by the disagreement with its staff.

In the past quarter, the profit of the budget airline decreased by a fifth.

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