Russians Capture Ukrainian City of Soledar: Entire Site is Full of Corpses

After heavy fighting, the Russian army seems to have largely captured the village of Soledar, near the town of Bachmut in eastern Ukraine. The British Ministry of Defence reports this.

However, the battle for Bachmoet is not yet over, it sounds.

“Russian forces – supported by mercenaries from the Wagner Group – have made territorial gains in the small village over the past four days and are now believed to have taken control of it,” British intelligence said.

Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky admitted in his daily video address on Monday that the Ukrainian troops in the village were having a hard time. “There is hardly a wall left standing,” he said. “And what has Russia won? Everything is destroyed, and there is almost no life left. Thousands of people died: the whole area near Soledar is covered with the corpses of the occupiers and the scars of their attacks. This is what madness looks like.”

Soledar is located about 10 kilometres north of Bachmut, the city that seems to be the main target of the current Russian offensive in the region. According to the British, the Russian army wants to conquer the region around Soledar Bachmut from the north, thus interrupting the Ukrainian lines of communication. Part of the fight is also about the entrances to a 200-kilometre salt mine system below the district. “Both sides fear the enemy could use the mine system to infiltrate undetected and attack from the rear.”

However, according to British intelligence, it seems unlikely that the Russians will be able to capture Bachmut in the short term because the Ukrainian army has “established stable defensive lines in the depths and has control over the supply routes”. Also, according to President Zelensky, “the resilience of our soldiers fighting off waves of attacks in the Donbas region has helped to buy time and gain strength for Ukraine”. However, he did not detail what he meant by that.

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