Russian Secret Agent Mistakenly Confesses to Attempted Murder of Navalny

The international investigative collective Bellingcat has persuaded a member of the Russian secret service FSB to reveal the details of the Navalny assassination attempt.


The man thought he was being called by a hierarchical superior, but did not realize that it was Bellingcat and actually by Navalny himself.

The conversation lasted almost 50 minutes, and the man went into great detail.

Last week, Bellingcat launched an investigation that showed that the Russian secret service FSB – the successor to the infamous KGB from the Soviet era – would have been involved in the attempted poisoning of Alexei Navalny.

Bellingcat has now gone a step further and got a member of the “hit team” to admit that the FSB attempted to kill Navalny. The officer, Konstantin Kudrijavtsev, received a call from Bellingcat and thought one of his superiors was on the phone.

In reality, it was the victim Navalny himself, but the FSB agent did not realize that and Bellingcat publishes on his site the remarkable story of the secret agent.

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