Russian President Putin Has Announced An Expansion of the Russian War Fleet

Russian President Putin has announced an expansion of the Russian war fleet. He did so during a visit to Crimea, a Black Sea peninsula that took Russia from Ukraine.


The announcement, especially in Crimea, is therefore considered a provocation by Ukraine.

The new warships bring strategic balance and stability to the world, Putin said.

He called Russia one of the world’s leading naval powers. In seven years, 70 percent of the fleet must be renewed. 200 new ships have been added in recent years.

In Crimea, Putin launched two major attack cruisers, two nuclear submarines and two frigates. They noticeably increase the combat power of the war fleet, the president said.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry protested Putin’s visit. Kiev called it unwanted and a violation of United Nations decisions. Under international law, the peninsula belongs to Ukraine.

Russia, on the other hand, sees Crimea as its territory after an internationally unrecognized referendum in 2014. The European Union and the United States have therefore imposed sanctions on Russia

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