Russian Army Fires on Ukrainian City of Lischansk

Ukrainian authorities report that Russia came under heavy fire on Monday in the eastern Luhansk region. According to the governor of the Luhansk region Sergei Gaidai, someone has been killed.


Gaidai calls the attacks on social media a “catastrophic destruction” of the city. The AFP news agency was not yet able to independently confirm the claims.

Heavy fighting has been going on in the region for weeks between the Ukrainian and Russian military. The heavily besieged town of Severodonetsk has been the target for some time now. The city is almost completely owned by Russia.

The fighting centres around the Azot chemical plant. Hundreds of civilians are hiding there and it is the only part of the city that is still in the hands of Ukrainian troops. Places around Severodonetsk have been under fire from Russian artillery shelling for some time, including Lisichiansk.

According to the Luhansk governor, Russian troops have been ordered to capture the entire region by June 26. But that, he says, is not feasible.

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