Russia Sees No Progress on Key Issues With Ukraine

Russia and Ukraine cannot come closer together over key political disputes, Vladimir Medinsky reported. He is the leader of the Russian delegation in the negotiations between the warring parties.


However, he does say that progress is being made in the negotiations on less important points of contention. “But on major political issues, it is actually at a standstill,” Medinsky said, according to Russian media. The negotiator reports that online talks were held between Moscow and Kyiv from Monday to Friday. And that will also be the case on Saturday.

Medinsky accuses Ukraine of stalling negotiations. He says Russia wants to negotiate a comprehensive deal with Ukraine that will address a range of issues. But it is not said exactly what those issues are.

Earlier on Friday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who is trying to mediate the conflict, said he sees only two unresolved major disputes between Ukraine and Russia. These are the status of the Eastern Ukrainian region of Donbas and of the Crimean peninsula.

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