Russia Sees Infections Skyrocket, Putin’s Spokesman Also Infected

In Russia, there was no dirt in the air for months, but now the country is seeing a sharp increase in its daily number of infections.


President Putin also feels the consequences: his spokesman was also hospitalized with Covid-19.

In recent days, the number of infections has increased by an average of 10,000 a day in Russia. Yesterday another day record was set with 11,656 new cases.

In total, 230,000 infections have now been counted, putting Russia in second place worldwide, behind the United States.

Just over 2,000 deaths from the virus have been reported. According to the authorities, the sharp increase in the number of cases over the past ten days is due to the multiplication of the number of tests performed and not to an accelerated spread of the virus.

That should also explain the low mortality, although some say the number of deaths in Russia is underestimated. 5.6 million tests are said to have already been carried out.

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