Russia Offers Planes for Afghan Evacuations

Russia is ready to provide planes to evacuate Afghans from their country. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Moscow makes that offer as Western countries try to get their compatriots out of the capital Kabul now that the Taliban hold sway there.


Russia has not evacuated its embassy in Kabul and has not planned any evacuations of its own. The Russians also want to transport Afghans to countries that want to receive and house them, a spokeswoman for the department said.

Many Afghans who want to leave the country have difficulty getting to Kabul’s airport, Hamid Karzai International Airport. The Taliban have set up checkpoints on airport access roads and only allow foreigners and Afghans with proper travel documents. US military personnel control the airport and Afghan airspace.

The Taliban have again announced that they will support foreign troops in the evacuation of their compatriots and say they will also allow Afghans to pass through to the airport. “We are preventing any form of violence and quarrels between Afghans, foreigners and members of the Taliban,” said a fundamentalist official.

Several western countries have now evacuated compatriots and Afghan interpreters, and other personnel. German Chancellor Angela Merkel called the operation “very complex”. In addition to Germans, as many Afghan employees as possible will be picked up and Afghans who need protection, she said on Thursday.

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