Russia: NATO and EU Response to Security Questions Disrespectful

Russia is not pleased with the response that NATO and the European Union have given to the country’s security questions. The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls the reaction disrespectful and meaningless.


Russia wants security guarantees from Western countries in the conflict with Ukraine.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov had asked all NATO and EU members questions about Russia’s security and expected individual answers. However, he got a response from NATO head Jens Stoltenberg and EU foreign affairs chief Josep Borrell. “This can be seen as nothing more than diplomatic rudeness and disrespect,” Lavrov said.

Lavrov asked the Member States how they understand the concept of “indivisible security”. According to Russia, this means that one country’s security is inextricably linked to that of another country and that further expansion of NATO to include former Soviet republics automatically threatens Russia.

The EU said it wanted to show solidarity with a joint response. According to Borrell, Lavrov’s letter was an attempt to sow divisions among member states, which have differing opinions about Russia. The West fears a Russian invasion of Ukraine. Putin says war threatens if Ukraine joins NATO.

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