Russia Calls Arms Supplies to Ukraine Extremely Dangerous

Russia calls UK arms shipments to Ukraine “extremely dangerous”. “This does not contribute to decreasing tensions,” said spokesman Dmitri Peskov. Russia is concerned about increasing arms supplies to neighbouring Ukraine.


British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace announced on Monday that weapons are being delivered and that British soldiers are going to Ukraine to train there. However, the minister emphasized that it only concerns weapons that are intended for defence.

According to Wallace, this decision was made because of “Russia’s increasingly threatening attitude”, writes the British newspaper The Guardian.

Russia doubts that it is only about defensive weapons. Wallace said the weapons are not a threat to Russia but Ukraine’s self-defence.

Tensions between Ukraine and Russia have run high. Western countries are very concerned about Russian troop build-up along the border with Ukraine and fear a possible invasion. Moscow denies having any plans to do so, but Wallace says there is “legitimate and real cause for concern that the troops will be used in a raid,” the BBC writes.

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