#RIPTwitter Trending After Musk’s Ultimatum Goes Wrong

RIPTwitter is trending on social media. Users of the platform seem to be formulating en masse for a probable end of the company. Especially after an ultimatum set by owner Elon Musk for staff to work harder seems to have gone wrong.

Musk previously fired half of the staff, and Twitter executives also had to leave. He initially said that he expected the other team to be in the workplace for at least 40 hours a week. An injunction also followed. The staff of the social media company had to sign a pledge to work hard. If they refused, they would lose their jobs. The email had only one possible answer: yes.

On Thursday, Twitter announced that it would temporarily close its offices. As a result, employees will not have access to the buildings until Monday. In response to the injunction, hundreds of employees would draw their conclusions. Instead, they’re going on their own, it seems.

Based on insiders, the Bloomberg news agency reported that too few people pressed the yes button. Musk would have taken a softer tone on that. So instead, working from home is now allowed. Then the manager must “take responsibility and ensure that you make an outstanding contribution to the company,” Musk is said to have written in a new email.

Twitter sceptics and ex-employees now want to draw attention to the impending doom with the #RIPTwitter – rest in peace, Twitter. A fate the company is expected to meet if the issues are not addressed.

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