Research into Corona Approach to Nursing Homes in Italy

Prosecutors in Milan are investigating whether maladministration could take hold in nursing homes through mismanagement, resulting in hundreds of deaths.


According to a source of justice, the policy of thirteen nursing homes in the Italian metropolis is being examined.

The source says that it is investigated, among other things, whether there were negligence and guilt. No suspects have been identified yet. Similar investigations would be conducted in different places in the hard-hit country.

Many nursing homes are said to have asked employees not to wear face masks at the beginning of the outbreak. According to medical personnel, the institutions wanted to prevent patients from being frightened.

In early March, authorities in the Lombardy region also asked nursing homes to take over patients from overcrowded hospitals. Prosecutors include that request in their investigation, according to the source.

In Italy, according to official figures, more than 18,000 people have died with the coronavirus. The country has reported the highest death toll worldwide.

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