Report on Party Gate Handed to Prime Minister Johnson’s Office

The report on the lockdown parties of British government employees has been handed over to Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s office. Top civil servant Sue Gray was instructed by the prime minister to investigate alleged violations during lockdowns.


It is not clear when the internal investigation will be made public. Johnson is under heavy fire for ‘party gate’, including his Conservative Party. The question is whether he can continue as head of government after Gray’s published findings.

Johnson is highly blamed for not having adhered to strict corona rules on several occasions, while they did apply to the rest of the country. However, he says he has not broken any law and intends to resign. Partygate has also been under investigation by the police since last Tuesday.

The possible abuses have come to light through British media in recent months. They reported, among other things, that drinks and parties had been held. Johnson is known to have attended some social gatherings at 10 Downing Street. That is where the Prime Minister lives and works and where many other government employees have their offices.

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