Record Number of 115,000 Corona Infections in 24 Hours in Brazil

In Brazil, a record number of 115,228 corona infections has been registered in one day. In addition, 2,392 deaths from Covid-19 have been recorded in the past 24 hours, the Brazilian Ministry of Health reports.


The South American country with 212 million inhabitants has the highest number of corona deaths in the world after the United States; about 507,000.

In terms of the number of infections, Brazil is in third place after the US and India. In total, the coronavirus has already been diagnosed in more than 18 million people in Brazil.

The Copa América football tournament is currently taking place in Brazil, despite opposition and protest from the local population. On Monday, it became clear that at least 140 people involved in the tournament have already tested positive for the virus.

Brazil was only assigned the organization at the last minute after Colombia and Argentina had dropped out.

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