Putin Signs Law Allowing Him to Become President of Russia Two More Times

Russian President Vladimir Putin today signed the law that allows him to run for another two presidential mandates. That way, he could stay in the Kremlin until 2036.


The law was finally passed by the Russian parliament in March, after the constitutional referendum in the summer of 2020. The law now sets the counter of the number of mandates he already held to zero.

According to the former 1993 constitution, Putin should have left the Kremlin in 2024. With the cancellation of his current mandates since 2000, he can now also run for the next two presidential elections and thus, in theory, continue to rule until 2036. Whether he himself intended to do so, Putin left open for the time being.

The significant constitutional change has also clearly given Putin more power. Russian opposition members accused him of abuse of power.

The former KGB spy is already the longest-serving leader since Soviet communist dictator Josef Stalin. He previously managed to get around the limitation on the president’s maximum terms of office by becoming temporary prime minister. Putin has dominated Russian politics for over twenty years.

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